YLs Teacher Training course Session 2 Classroom Management

It’s now almost half way through the autumn term in most UK schools and in schools and colleges in many other countries.

Here is session 2 of my 10-week Teacher Training course for teachers of Young Learners. It can be run with new teachers of children (and those with some experience too!) and it explores the ins and outs of good classroom management, both principles and practice. All you need is an IWB, access to the Internet and Teachers TV or You Tube, plus some fairly basic pen and paper materials.

I hope you find these materials stimulating and relevant to your teaching context.                  Do please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.

YLs TT course – session 2_adapted for blog

YLs Teacher Training course Session 1 Why children are different

It’s now very much autumn and teachers have been back at school for a couple of weeks now in most of the UK and in many other countries.

Here is a training session that can be run with new teachers of children (and those with some experience too!) to explore how and why children are different and what to do about it.

I hope you find my materials interesting.

YLs TT course – session 1

August is holiday time for many teachers

During August, many teachers are taking a thoroughly well-deserved break. I am keeping my head down proofreading a Lower Secondary course that is being versioned for Egypt.

Next week, I plan to take some down time from Wednesday through to the following Tuesday morning. I am planning to use some of that time to add some content to the Teaching materials tab on this blog. So look out for something from me soon.

YL can-do descriptors for rating

I have just finished the second day of selecting can-do descriptors from a list of new and adapted ones to be sent out for rating. It involves carefully selecting descriptors that fill gaps in the current syllabus.

I will be co-presenting a workshop on this at this year’s IATEFL conference so come and find out more. We’re on in the morning on the Monday.

Content editing

Feeling pleased with myself after meeting a looming deadline for a content edit of a Lower Secondary course. It was really interesting work and the writer had done a good job of revising the draft so it was mainly a case of formatting the text and fleshing out the art and photo briefs. Now back at the grindstone doing some content mapping of a Primary course against YL can-do descriptors.

YLs content mapping

I have dedicated most of today to content mapping a higher level of a Primary course. Basically it involves looking at each activity in the Pupil’s and Activity Books and assigning them a can-do statement or creating a new or adapted can-do statement to describe what the children have to be able to do to successfully do the activities. It’s fascinating work, but seeing as it involves toggling between two spreadsheets for most of the day any light relief, like the writing of this blog, comes as welcome relief.